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BlueZone ZEN

24 hours battery

12-Lead ECG

24/7 Monitoring

Cloud diagnosis

Cloud-based analysis
Portable Device


We are developing a portable device for full 12-lead ECG monitoring with a long battery life and high accuracy. Bluezone ZEN is a device of the size of a smartphone that can be carried for a full day while doing normal life acticities. It has ben designed and engineering as a robust solution that can be used by home practitioners, ambulances and any scenarios that require portability without trading-off any features of traditional ECG monitoring equipment.

Meet the TEAM

A multidisciplinary team from the University of Turku. Bluezone Company Oy Ltd. was founded by Paavo Paukamainen (BSc in Law), Tuan Nguyen Gia (PhD Tech. in Electronics Engineering), Victor Sarker (MSc in Embedded Computing) and Jorge Peña Queralta (MSc in Information Science and Technology, BSc in Mathematics, BSc in Physics Engineering).

Tuan Nguyen Gia

(PhD Tech)


Paavo Paukamainen

(BSc Law)

Chairman of the Board

Victor Sarker

(MSc Tech)


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LiFe Science Accelerator